Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cool Weather Scene

Here's a scene that might not be that common these days, but soon this will be familiar again as we enter into the cool nights of fall.  Today I stopped at the Heathman Lodge in Washington to use the wireless internet and lobby as a field office.  This fireside scene caught my attention as a relaxing place to settle in with a good book on a fall afternoon.

Towards the end of each season do you find yourself looking forward to the next one?


  1. Beautiful image - and oh - yes - I look forward to all the seasons - except one (Winter!)

  2. This is wonderful Mike,
    I love the lighting along the wall, and the highlights on the chair. The simple, clean composition compliments the warm, rustic setting.

    I definitely look forward to the upcoming seasons. Autumn is my favorite. I'm already anticipating it. Winter is ok until the day after Christmas...then I'm impatiently waiting for the daffodils to appear.

    I think only the ski-bums like winter.

  3. I agree this a very cool or should I say a very warm shot :)

    I'm not a ski-bum, and like winter I like all the season for their own beauty.

  4. Stacey,
    I agree, I like all the seasons but my exception is summer if it's hot, although we've had a mild one this year.

    I agree with you too. Autumn is my favorite with the leaves changing, the cool crisp weather, and the foods that go along with it.

    Yes, each season does have its own beauty and lighting which keeps photography interesting.

  5. A nice scene Mike and yes I do, as I have a better idea what coat to wear.

  6. Roy,
    Thank you. I like that about what coat to wear.

  7. Very nice cozy scene! Funny I've never been to that Heathman Lodge. I always look forward to seeing another season!

  8. Yolanda,
    Thank you. As I write this it's getting cooler and we're expecting rain tonight. Very fall-like!