Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Peaceful Sunset

Late yesterday afternoon I rode to our place at the coast. I managed to arrive at the ghost hole and catch a similar sunset that I've captured in the past.  In fact, my signature photo is almost the same.

The ghost hole is a popular fishing spot on the east side of Tillamook Bay.  During the fishing season a floating platform with restrooms is held by the two poles.

I hope you're finding peaceful moments these days.


  1. It IS like your signature photo...but, never-the-less just as beautiful!

  2. You can keep repeating them as much as you like Mike, beautiful images.

  3. Lovely pics, especially the first. Thanks for sharing some of God's beautiful creation.

  4. Very peaceful indeed - lovely composition in that first one especially. Hope you are feeling peace today Mike!

  5. Carolyn - thank you!

    Roy - thank you as well!

    Dimple - thank you!

    Stacey - thank you too!

    Jel - thank you too!

  6. Simply beautiful image. I love the pure simplicity of the scene and the colors. Lovely!

    Ironic that such a lovely basically the bathroom? :)

  7. Kari - lol on the bathroom realization. I like the way you see things! I thought I would explain why those two poles are in the bay, not realizing that they do put a twist on the view. Thank you. :-)