Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Covered Bridge Residents

Two spider webs on the Rochester Covered Bridge.  The one below has the "Catch of the day." 

A brief look on Wikipedia shows that these arthropods are too complex to be a product of evolution.  The scientific community is confused on how to classify their 109 various families.  Isn't God amazing?


  1. He is amazing, but I don't think I came to that conclusion due to spiders!

    I like the first pic best. Not because it doesn't have a spider, but because it has especially nice light. Ok, you have nice light on the spider too...but it's a spider!! It's the best I can do! :)

  2. Kari - that's good! I like that about not coming to that conclusion due to spiders. Doesn't His amazing-ness kind of "creep" up on you, though, as you see the world and it's design? Thank you!