Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Portland Area Tram

The hospital were our new granddaughter was born last week has a Tram that carries people to another location with medical buildings along the river.  The Tram was completed about four years ago and has already become an icon for Portland.

I have yet to ride on it but when I do, photos will be coming forth.


  1. I love the reflections in that first image. Nice.
    I haven't ridden the tram either, but I think it would be fun. I like seeing it on those rare days we come to Portland.

  2. Wow that is really nice! Great photo too!!

  3. Great reflection image. I love how reflections are backwards, upside-down, warped, twisted and bent. And then I think about how anything that is good and beautiful here on earth is but a reflection of God's glory and the good and beautiful to I can't wait to see that.

  4. I am scared of heights, so this one may make me sweat a bit..but I would do it in the name of photography..hahaa

  5. Ah, the floating suppository! I think this was the informal name given to the tram during its grand opening. Gotta love that Portland sense of humor. lol
    Great shots - I haven't ridden it yet either.
    Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter!

  6. Interesting shots of an interesting subject Mike. We would call that a "Cable Car" this side of the pond Mike and Trams run on rails. {:)

  7. Kari,
    Thank you! I've seen some nice photo images of the Tram and from the Tram, so it's on my bucket list!

    Eve - thank you!

    J. LaRaine,
    I like that analogy! I thought you were going to say everything is bent and distorted here but won't be someday. :) Thank you

    The older I get heights seem to bother me too but I figure if I can do the "bucket ride" at Disneyland, I can do this Tram! Thank you

    Thank you for stopping by! I've never heard the "floating suppository" name, that's funny! And it is typical of Portland. Now I'll never look at it the same way. :) Thank you!

    That's interesting, I think you guys have it more correctly as you do with what we call windshield, you call windscreen. Thanks Roy!

  8. Nice reflection :-) I rode it while on my cross country trip, the tram was a place I had read about and had it on my route, the other was voodoo donuts downtown. It offers beautiful views of both mountains, check it out on my blog ;-)

  9. George,
    I did check it out on your blog - great photos! I'm really sorry I missed you - there's more to see here. You've got to come back! :)

    I'm trying to sell to the hospital so I was up there again today and got some more shots. It was clear and nice - got shots of both Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. I'll probably post them. Thank you!