Saturday, April 9, 2011

Early Spring Dusting

 (Near Ashland, OR)
I was in Southern Oregon on business this past week. Thursday morning the foothills received a coating of "powdered sugar".  There were times of sun, rain, hail, and snow.  At one point it was snowing while the sun was shining.  I'm looking forward to April showers bringing May flowers!


  1. Hey Mike,
    that is an AWESome Shot!

    hope all is well

  2. Hi Jel! - thank you. Hope you're doing well!

    Steve - thank you for stopping by!

  3. beautiful
    almost looks like a monotone. love the dramatic skies. The weather sounds like typical Oregon. :)

    Sheesh, I'm trying to type this on my little netbook. These are really hard to type on!!

  4. Hi Kari,
    Yeah, the hills looked different with the light snow. I think snow is kind of rare in the Medford area.

    Those netbooks are tricky! Thank you!

  5. Another great pic, you live in a very photgraphic friendly part of the country I think.

  6. Roger,
    Thank you! The Northwest is beautiful as is NZ.

  7. Beautiful - love the blue tones in the mountains!

  8. Stacey,
    Thank you. Hope you're doing okay.