Sunday, May 15, 2011

Young Wheat

Our son and daughter-in-law recently moved to a house located on 200 acres of farmland.  They're renting the house and can use the non-farming portion of the property, complete with a river, as sort of a playland for the kids.  Last weekend the wheat was about knee-high.  I'm figuring this will be a photographic playland too.


  1. I really like this kind of shot Mike, yes it sounds like you will have somewhere good to go now. Look forward to all your images taken there.

  2. Oh how cool is THAT?!
    YES! Most definitely a photographer's playland!! ENJOY!

  3. Roy: thank you!

    Stacey: thank you too!

  4. I love this angle of view for grasses. Wheat is such a pretty subject. Just wait til it's ready for harvest - you're going to have a ton of photo ops! :)

    Sounds like your son and family have found a great place to raise a family.