Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tree Canopy

Today was a beautiful day with the temperature in the upper 70's (F).  I parked the motorcycle under some trees to take advantage of the shade.  Something made me look up.  The trees made a large canopy with the sun peaking through. The branches all seem to be leaning toward the sun.


  1. Funny, but I've been thinking I should do a photo like this some time. Maybe I'll put it higher up on the list. I like this one.

  2. Very nice Mike,
    It's almost an abstract. The trees really are leaning towards the sun, and I like how the strong lines of the trunks break up the delicate background of leaves. I've done a few pics like this, and it isn't that easy to find trees leaning the way you want them to.

  3. Love looking up into the trees - kinda like the arms of God - all encompassing.

  4. Dan - thank you. I don't think to look up as often as I should.

    Kari - thank you. I debated whether to use color or B&W. This one won out. :)

    Stacey - I didn't think of it that way. Very nice thought - thank you.

  5. Love to be in "canopy" areas. It really gives the feeling of peace.

  6. Sue,
    You're right. These are peaceful settings. While I was taking pictures a lady walked up to tell me about the tree canopy at Lyndon Johnson's grave site in Texas.