Monday, July 5, 2010

Deep Purple

This was before this weed got pulled yesterday.  As with Wednesday's Valueless Plant post I think this weed has interesting blooms.  Even the weeds on our planet have interesting design.  But because this weed was in our yard it had to go.  All beauty aside, we're on a weed reduction program.


  1. I like the term "Weed reduction program" thats a novel way of putting it Mike. There are lots of nice weeds about.

  2. Weed away...but they will be back ;)
    The bee is quite content with it

  3. Oh no Sue, I hope that you didn't pull that weed, it is a Purple Beebum, very rare and worth a fortune to some gardeners, put it on e-bay! Have a great one!!

  4. Roy,
    That weed reduction program is never ending, Roy!

    I guess weeds have some value to bees too!

    The leaves have thistles so it's definitely a weed, although pretty!

    I'm not sure if you're serious but the blooms do look like a bee bum. :)

  5. To the four of you: I responded to your comments last night (twice) but Blogger didn't seem to work. At least for some reason they wouldn't post. Let's see if this works!