Thursday, June 3, 2010

Converging Lines

While walking into the Portland VA Hospital yesterday I looked down this opening between two parking structures.  The converging lines and blocks of shade caught my attention.

I'm not sure which version is best.


  1. Neat photos! It looks like a path that needs exploring. I'm not sure which is best either, but I really like the soft blue in the first.

  2. Converging lines always make for fine photos. In this case I would absolutely choose the monochrome version since this enhances and draws attention to those lines and spaces without the distraction of colour.

    PS If you don't use RAW-format (I see you have a canon G10 which can use RAW) - use it. It will let you adjust the influence the effect of the separate colours on the final monochrome version.

  3. I think the black and white is more dramatic for these clean straight lines...very outstanding shot, well done!

  4. Kari -
    Thank you. Most times it's clear whether to go with color or B&W but this one is confusing to me. Each version has some elements that are unique. These parking lots are crowded with a lot of action going on. You wouldn't know it from the photo. :)

    Rune -
    I've had a couple of people lately suggest shooting in raw. Since the file size is so big I don't use it very much but I think I'll try it. Thank you for the advice!

    The Retired One -
    You're right, the B&W is more dramatic but the colors converging as well are kind of interesting. That's whats neat about photography as opposed a painting, we get to have it both ways with a couple of keystrokes! Thank you.

  5. I like the b/w as well. Love the lines and perspective. The simplicity is enhanced with the absence of color. You have much more control over your tones with a RAW file for sure.

  6. Yolanda,
    I took some photos today in raw and found that my CS3 won't open them. Neither will Bridge. Oh well, I'll figure it out one of these days. Thank you.

  7. For CS3 you need to install a plugin for it to support the camera raw format - you can find it on the Adobe website. Don't know about Bridge, though. Do you use a Canon? The Canon utilities software supports RAW as well.

  8. Yolanda,
    I downloaded the plugin but I'm having trouble getting CS3 to open it on my Mac. I do use Canon. I have a G10 and a 30D. I'll get it figured out, I just need to spend some time on it. Thank you for your help and advice! Do you shoot in RAW?

  9. Hi Mike,
    I had to download a plugin for my cs4 to get the canon files to read. Once that's done you should be able to double click the raw file to open in Camera Raw. Another feature, in bridge, if you right-click on a jpg file it gives you an option to open the jpg in camera raw. It's not a true raw file, but it allows you to edit it with camera raw tools.

  10. Oh well see, there's your're on a Mac :))

  11. Mike, great photo. I like the b&w also. I'm glad you couldn't open the RAW file. You have a great eye, and that's what it's all about.
    Not manipulation...

  12. Mike, yes, I shoot RAW/JPG simultaneously, but I use the RAW files for PP and editing because they are uncompressed. Once I process them, I then convert them to JPG for posting/sharing, etc. I let the Canon utilities software to unload the files from my camera, and I use LightRoom for editing, which supports RAW. I don't use Photoshop, but would like to at some point! :) I know RAWs are large and take a lot of room, but I just keep them pruned. Once I process, or decide not to process, I can delete the .cr2 files and still have the smaller .jpg's.

  13. Kari,
    Thank you for the advice! All this plugin stuff is interesting considering how much these programs cost in the first place. Like I told my wife last night, they should work for everything right out of the box! Oh well, there's my little rant.

    I just got off the phone with Adobe and apparently CS3 dosen't support RAW for G10's. I would have to get CS4 or 5 and that's not going to happen. I carry the G10 with me all the time so that's kind of a bummer. There is a work-around which is to convert the files in DNG which I think I might try. My 30D will work with RAW in CS3 so I might just use that for RAW stuff. Oh well, such is life for us budding photographers! :)

    Thanks for your very kind comment, my friend! Maybe a wee bit of manipulation is okay! I like to call it enhancement. :)

    Thank you for a look at your workflow! You've peaked my interest in working with RAW - thank you! I also like the way you give the camera settings on your posts. Photography has gotten so technical but it's all so interesting!