Friday, June 25, 2010

Oregon Wildflowers

Another view of the wildflowers at the end of the runway at Portland International Airport.

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  1. I just love poppies no matter what color they are...or no color!!

  2. to think that I will be landing there in just a few days!!!!!! Too good to be true!

  3. Love those poppies - even in black/white!

  4. Eve - thank you!

    Yolanda - that's exciting news! I know you've been looking forward to your return HOME! :)

    Stacey - thank you too!

  5. This is a wonderful shot. I love California poppies, they remind me of growing up in California before it got so much the way it is!

    The monochrome meme has moved, here is the new address:

    Dragonstar is managing it now.


  6. How fun it is that you found these beauties at the end of a runway...I love that!

  7. Dimple,
    Thank you! We're X Californians and I agree it certainly has changed!

    Thank you for the update on monochrome. I saw that it changed but I've been on the road and have only had internet access with my Blackberry. It takes too much time on a BB to do intricate stuff. :) I scheduled these posts before I left and can make some comments but that's about it.

    Thank you for hanging in with me and your comments! I promise to visit your blog regularly... when I can! :)

  8. Cute poppies! I've seen different B&W flower photos tonight and all of them are wonderful.

    Kisses from Nydia.

  9. I love the low low low perspective! How beautiful and stately the poppy looks!

  10. I enjoyed that point-of view for the shot. It made the flowers really stand out against the darkened sky.

  11. Welcome!

    I like the low point of view.

  12. That's a lovely shot. I'd like to be standing out in that field.

  13. I love the low angle viewpoint. Very nice monochrome. I think the flowers could have easily hidden themselves in the background, yet you got them to stand out without the help of color.

    I've seen several monochrome versions of flowers lately and have been pleasantly surprised at what nice images can be created in the absence of color. I'm inspired to go play in photoshop now.

  14. Carolyn,
    Thank you!

    Thank you as well!

    Thank you - great blog you have!

    The field is a little noisy at times with the planes landing. :)

    Thank you. With the digital darkroom is fun to see how images look in B&W.