Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sea Legs

(Garibaldi Pier - Tillamook Bay, OR)

I seem to be drawn to this pier. I've posted a few photos of it and here's one more. I'm waiting for the just the right sunset to hit it on this side though. Returning to favorite spots for the right lighting can be both challenging and fun. 


  1. I can see why your drawn here, it's a lovely scene that is different each time you visit. I love the reflection in the choppy water. It has a lot of busy detail that compliments the simple lines of the pier. Nice range of tones.

  2. I suspect the the pier provides infinite possibility's. I have often returned to a single location over and over to try and capture the light where I want. I never seem to be satisfied.

  3. Loved the perspective in this shot.

  4. Kari - that's it, it's different each time I see it. I just passed by it again a little over an hour ago. The tide was too high and covered too much of the "sea legs". Thank you!

    Gordon - that's it, infinite possibilities. Catching the light is the thrill! It fuels the desire to keep clicking away. Thank you!

    Joan - thank you. I keep messing with perspective to try and get it right. It's still not there.

  5. Wonderful composition Mike!