Monday, June 14, 2010

Front Yard Birds

We recently hung a couple of suet feeders in the front yard and have been getting quit a bit of "business".  Last evening I was in the front reading and began to study the bird activity.  It was interesting to watch how they cautiously move in to the feeder.  The photo of the chickadee above is not as sharp as I'd like but I'm in the beginning stages of learning bird photography.  It's inspiring to visit the blogs of photographers who do bird images.

Towhees are one of my favorites!

This hummingbird stopped for a break to catch his breath.


  1. Chickadees are my wife's favorite!

  2. What sweet birds - love the hummingbird.
    I'm listening to some birds out my window this morning - can't wait to watch them eat the cherries from the tree here. There'll be some excitement then!! ;o)

  3. The Towhee is so unusual Mike, such a variance of colour.

  4. John,
    I think they're fascinating too.

    I love the sound of the birds this time of year. I wish I could identify them all!

    It sounds like you don't have Towhees there, Roy. But you have some amazing bird-life in England! And you are one of the inspiring photograhers I referred to. Thank you!

  5. What? I think your bird photography is wonderful..these were great!@

  6. these are Very good shots!

    taking bird shot is fun isn't it :)

  7. Hi Jel! Yes it is fun - thank you!

  8. Joan,
    Sorry I skipped over your comment. Thank you! You made my day!

  9. Very nice! I bet you're finding out how hard these quick little guys are when trying to get the pic. I love the chickadee. Nice bokeh, and he really pops out.

  10. Kari,
    You are so right! Not only are they fast but I found it requires patience waiting for them to get close enough to get a clear shot. And a longer lens would be nice too! 300mm now seems like a wide angle. :) Thank you!

  11. Love the Towhees Mike! I bet you have a lot of hummingbirds over there too. We only get one normally but about 3 species could be seen here. I've only ever seen the Ruby-throated.