Saturday, January 9, 2010


Our oldest granddaughter concentrating on something. This was before she had a cell phone and discovered the fine art of texting.


  1. Wow, are you ever prolific here! I turn my back for a few days.......

    There's some nice shots in the past few posts.

  2. Thanks Dan - I appreciate your comment from a fellow "photo nut".

  3. Nice one of your granddaughter, Mike. I like these kinds of candid portraits. Nice capture on her expression and the lighting on her face.

  4. Great shot - and funny, too. Texting - hmmmm... how did we manage without it as kids?

  5. Kari,
    The grand kids are very use to the camera so candid with them is pretty easy. My father-in-law sold life insurance for a time when he was young. He said he would bring the pen out as a tool early in the conversation with a prospective client so the pen was familiar when it came time to sign the policy. I've always used that reasoning with the camera so it's not threatening.

    A couple of weeks ago I heard that the average teenager does about 4000 texts per month. Our daughter says our granddaughter does about 5000. I don't know if that's good to be above average but we really can't complain, she has all A's and one B in school, thank God.

  6. Wonderfully lit portrait. I like the toning too.