Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Morning

It was a brisk 36 degrees yesterday morning as I rode my motorcycle to the county jail for chapel service. There's a certain section of the road that has low lying fields on both sides. One of the fields isn't too big and both have tree lines around them which make for some interesting shots, especially this time of year when the fields fill with water. Heading north as I rode down the blind curve to the right which brings me to the fields, this was the scene over the little one on the east side of the road.

I believe that God "paints" these scenes for us. I was blessed to be there with my camera. Tomorrow I'll show you what the big field looked like.


  1. I so agree - God does paint those scenes for us. Lovely - pink sunsets/sunrises are my absolute favorite!

  2. I'm glad you stopped to share it with us Mike!
    Stay warm!!

  3. Exceptionally lovely! He's a awesome painter, yes? Another nice shot. It's rather distracting to ride with all that beauty going on around you. :)


  4. Great timing to get those perfect colors!