Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Friday Gift

Yesterday it rained most of the day in Portland. In the afternoon I rode my motorcycle to the jail where I do some volunteer work. In the evening on the way home while passing through the Jackson Bottom Wetlands I could see through the trees on my right a nice sunset developing. There are two fields on the other end of the Wetlands that are full of water. I figured the field on the west side might have some good photos to be had. I didn't realize that there would be a duck nicely placed on the lake.


In the spitting rain I took 18 photos by the side of the road. These scenes don't happen too often. I consider it a gift from the good Lord.


  1. The presence of the duck was pure providence. Great captures!

  2. Oh my these are so beautiful! Love the color - the light and the compositions. I could have watched that sunset for HOURS - if only they would last that long! ;o)