Saturday, March 20, 2010

Atrium Angles & Reflections

This atrium is at one of the medical centers in Portland.  I thought the reflections and angles in this corner were interesting. Many years ago two buildings were attached with windows on each end to form the atrium. I sometimes eat lunch here and enjoy how the light enters into the area.


  1. Looks like a peaceful spot to enjoy a lunch break!

  2. what building is this in Portland? It does have beautiful lines and light!

  3. Stacey,
    It's not really peaceful because there are quite a few there with even a food place. But it's a nice refuge on a rainy day when riding the motorcycle. :)

    It's Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. The atrium connects two older buildings and makes a nice upgrade.

  4. Nice! I really like that second shot. Reminds me of a place I stopped at in Guntersville at the place where I took the picture that looks like the red scotter above.
    I think you're trying to tell me I should post it!!