Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Banana Faces

Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love shredded wheat with a sliced banana. Yesterday morning my breakfast had many faces looking back at me.
When my wife saw me taking photos of my cereal bowl I think she wondered if I'm finally going over the edge. Then I told her it's because my banana has faces.  I hope I'm not losing it!


  1. It's a photography thing, most don't understand. I've had to learn to tune out the puzzled looks of those who wonder, "Why is he taking a picture of THAT?"

  2. The wife should now know that you should just never question the intent of a photographer!!
    Hey I have all the ingredients for this recipe!!!

  3. John,
    Thanks for the reassurance. Sometimes you have to wonder what people think though. :)

    Thank you too...amen to that! Good recipe, huh?

  4. I think you definitely need help Mike. {:)

  5. they do, they do have faces, :)
    And I would have done the same thing,
    my dh, got a laugh from this,

  6. Hi Jel,
    Glad you got a laugh. Thanks for your comment! :)

  7. Half asleep at the breakfast table and suddenly overcome with the feeling you're being watched...
    Great shot, and good job spotting it (or them) so early in the morning! You've only gone over the edge when the banana faces start talking to you. :)

  8. Thanks Kari - I wasn't half asleep but that might have had a different effect. That's a funny thought. I'll have to keep watch on those banana faces so they don't take over. First the cereal bowl then the kitchen then the house. :)

    Wow, the word verification I was suppose to type was "ressess" which is a almost like recess. Maybe I need one. :)