Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unscheduled Meeting with Security

I took this image yesterday afternoon in a Portland-Vancouver area hospital parking lot.  With my job I'm usually in at least one hospital each day.  As I walked out of the hospital I noticed what might be a good B&W photo. The problem started when a security guy pulled up in his van and wanted to know why I was taking pictures. After a few minutes of questions and answers he went on his way after saying they have to be cautious these days. I agreed with him but still felt somewhat guilty for just trying to take a photo. It's too bad that we've reached this point of mistrust in our country but I fully understand the reasons behind it. I guess the other reality is as photo enthusiasts we need to be cautious about when to use our camera and where we point our lens.


  1. Kind of reminds me of giant chess pieces...pawns maybe?

    I've heard stories of photographers having run ins with security, some a little scary. Sounds like this guy was pretty cool but just checking things out. Were you in mc gear? Maybe he thought you were one of those nefarious, outlaw biker types up to no good. :)

    Somehow I can picture you that way!
    Nice BW photo by the way...I got sidetracked and forgot to say so.

  2. When I was reading your comment it reminded me of your recent encounter with security on that dam. That was interesting.

    No, I wasn't in riding gear, I had my car. He was cool about it but a little on the "go-getter" side. I wasn't even in a sensitive area. I freely walk in sensitive areas of hospitals everyday but I'm not taking photos of course. I figured the parking lot is safe but I guess not. :)

  3. I echo the sentiments about the distrust level. I'd love to take a lot more "people on the street" photos but worry about how they will react. By the time you explain everything the moment is gone.

  4. Dan,
    I know what you mean about wondering what people think. I'm thinking of having some business cards printed so I have a link to photography. It might have come in handy for this guy.

  5. It is sad Mike. I know a lot of birders who have been rounded up by security near dams. But I have to agree, we have to stay on guard.
    I like the contrast of the photo.