Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Floating Fuchsia

We looked out the front window this evening and saw this floating fuchsia between the two porch posts.  It's slowly spinning while hanging from a spider web thread.

It looks like it's defying gravity.

Maybe I should have waited until Friday to post this.  The title could be, "Friday Freaky Free Floating Fuchsia".


  1. Well, that does look rather odd! :)

    Just watch out for the spiders. Right now they are huge, manic, and wicked fast. Ron had to kill two nasty ones that dared come in the house tonight. (the dog and I stayed off the floor until they were dead and flushed.

  2. Maybe you shouldn't have mentioned the existence of the spiders web Mike, then it would have been a really great shot.{:)

  3. Kari,
    I like your story about being terrorized last night. Spiders do seem to be more abundant lately. The other morning I found one in a web on the motorcycle. I took some "spider bike" photos. :)

    You're right, though my wife said that people might think that I created the shots in Photoshop. Thanks Roy!