Sunday, September 12, 2010

Duck Designs

I posted this photo earlier this year but it wasn't in black & white.  The other night while looking through past photos I converted some to black & white just to see what they look like.  Have you done that lately?

This black & white version emphasizes the designs in the water late in the afternoon in the fall a few years ago.  I guess I'm looking forward to fall.


  1. Beautiful shot. Love those designs in the water.

  2. Great photograph. I like the B&W version better.

  3. I love the design created by the water. It really pops in this black & white version. I too like the black & white the best.

    lol - yes I've found myself looking through older photos and considered processing to black & white. Sometimes an image jumps out and begs to be converted.

  4. cool shot,
    and I 2 go though my photos, and see what they would look like in b/w, sometime I think they look better :)

  5. Nice shot! Black & white often makes patterns more pronounced, I think.

  6. Rajesh,
    Thank you!

    Thanks for your comment and thank you for stopping by!

    Processing on the computer really has advantages. It's fun to experiment - kind of like doodling. Thank you!

    I agree, sometimes I get surprised when I see B&W's. It can bring out things not evident in color versions. Thank you!

    I think you're right - patterns tend to pop in B&W's with the repeating tones. Thank you!

  7. Its a great shot Mike.
    Whenever possible I always change the camera setting in the picture style area to monochrome as this produces the best results possible for B&W.

  8. Roy,
    Good idea but doesn't that commit you to B&W on that shot? Do you take two shots on some of your subjects, one color and one B&W?

  9. I love it in black and white. Well done!

  10. Yes it does commit you to that shot Mike, but I do take both if the scene is good enough. You never know what they are going to look like until you get them up on the Mac.{:)

  11. Roy,
    Thanks again. I'll have to try taking both shots. It's a good thought because some scenes you know beforehand that they're B&W candidates.