Monday, September 6, 2010

Mystery in a Small Coastal Town

At the coast this weekend I took some photos in Garibaldi Harbor in Tillamook Bay.  I thought the lady sitting on the end of the pier made for an interesting composition.  It wasn't until I looked at this one on the computer that I noticed it looks like no one is in the boat.  It could be an opening scene from a mystery movie set in a small North Coast town. 


  1. May the person on the dock is controlling it with remote control!
    nice pick Mike...

  2. Pat - You're right, she could be controlling the boat! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great image! The lady does add to the composition. Her relaxed posture along with the driverless boat is too funny.

    Seriously, the word verification was "guano"
    I'm not sure how to take that! :)

  4. Kari - thank you. I took a few other photos as the boat was moving across so I know someone was in it. It was kind of a shock when I first looked at this one. When I took this photo maybe he was tying his shoe.

    Some of those word verifications are interesting. Guano is a unique one. :)

  5. lol - it's a relief to know that there was a driver after all!

  6. Kari - yeah, without a driver it probably would have been on the 11 o'clock news! :)