Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Portland's Living Room

This afternoon I made a sales call at a downtown Portland hotel.  The lobby is on the 8th floor because Macy's takes up the first seven floors.  I caught this view of the center of downtown.  The building in the foreground on the left is Pioneer Courthouse which is a federal courthouse.  Built in 1869 it's the oldest federal building in the Northwest and second oldest west of the Mississippi.

On the right is Pioneer Courthouse Square which is also known as Portland's "living room".  This is where concerts and rallies are held and where the Christmas tree is on display.  And since the Northwest is known for its rainfall, today we even had the usual fair on tap.


  1. I need to visit the city and go for a stroll. It's been a long time since I've done that. Something about being in the heart of downtown - Odd coming from a confirmed "don't like crowds" kind of person.
    I like the old Pioneer courthouse. Great old building. I like the variety of old and new captured in your photo.

  2. Kari,
    There is always something going on downtown with so much to see and do and of course great places to eat. I understand what you say about crowds though. Now that school is back in session and the tourist season has ended, it'll be better. ~ Thank you!

  3. LOVE the pioneer square!! I used to work occasionally in the Fox Tower when it was our corporate headquarters. It was always fun to walk around down there!

  4. Yolanda,
    I like downtown. Even though our house is in a rural setting, once and awhile my wife and I talk about moving out to the country one day. But I don't think I could, I'm too much of a city-boy