Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue Asphalt Moment

Last night while adjusting another shot of the apple (below) in curves, the asphalt came out blue. I thought it added an interesting perspective.

By now the apple is gone and the gum will soon disappear. It's interesting how with a camera we're able to catch moments in time that will never happen again. And although the apple and the gum are not an example of a precious moment it does give one the thought to enjoy and make the most of each moment because it will never happen again.


  1. I like both apple shots Mike...but the that is not my favorite thing to see...especially on the bottom of my shoe!!
    Love the blue!

  2. Hi Eve,
    Thank you for stopping by. I'm with you, gum can get in the way sometimes.

  3. Thanks Stacey. I hope the thoughts weren't on the gum... like Eve. :)

  4. Photoshop (and probably most any photo editor) can sometimes come up with unexpected, but happy results.

    Life is full of these little moments in time. Fleeting and precious. There's a story there, but we may never know what it is. It reminds me that in the bigger scheme of things, my time here is fleeting, and to me at least, precious.

  5. Yeah, the photo editing capabilities now a days seem endless. Amen to what you said, Kari. Our time here is fleeting compared to where we'll spend eternity. :)