Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tall Timber

On top of Bald Peak southwest of Portland - elevation 1629' 

Rest stop along Interstate 5


  1. What beautiful lush green grass!! Spring is coming!

  2. I'm very familiar with that rest stop! It's become a habit in the mornings. When you get up early and drink a bunch of coffee, then get on a bike in the cold, it's a great idea. Especially when the option is getting stuck in the Terwillager Curves forever, wishing you'd stopped in Wilsonville. :)

  3. Ah, a place I know! Last time I was up at Bald peak it was a terribly stormy, windy day. We stopped to have lunch(in the car), there was debris all over and the trees were swaying ominously. It was a bit unnerving. Our other visits have been pleasant, so we know it's a wonderful place to stop and take in the views.

    Thanks for sharing a lovely spot. kari

  4. Stacey,
    Spring is just around the corner!

    You nailed it... it is Wilsonville and it is conveniently located before traffic if traveling from the south.

    From what you describe, it would be an unnerving place to be during a wind storm. I rode up there yesterday (this photo wasn't taken then) hoping that the sunset would be nice. As you probably know, coming from the Hillsboro side it's a fast ascent. I'm always amazed how quickly the temperature drops.

    It's a beautiful road to ride from one end to the other!