Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mouth of the Columbia River

(Yesterday looking west above Astoria, OR)
I wonder what Lewis & Clark thought when they first reached the ocean and looked out on this vast expanse.


  1. Do you see that! It's winter on the Oregon coast and you have this nice blue sky. Last time I was in Astoria it rained for three days and rained for three nights and we were holed up in a tent. Where was the blue sky then! I can sympathize with Lewis and Clark. Blue skies at the coast! (shakes head bitterly)

    What an awe-inspiring journey they had going off into the unknown wilderness! It's hard to imagine it.

    Nice photo and great scenery btw! Looks like you were up by Aster column?
    I'm really not bitter about the nice weather. :)

  2. I almost feel guilty about showing the nice weather. For some people the weather is still bad. It seems like an oxymoron to see the Astoria-Megler Bridge bathed in sunshine in February. The bare trees are proof that it's winter. :)