Sunday, February 28, 2010

Parking Lot Meeting

A breakfast meeting carried out into the parking lot. I wonder how much progress is made throughout the world in business and politics from impromptu parking lot meetings. 


  1. Very interesting composition and framing. It makes me wonder what they were discussing.

  2. That's probably where the most important deals go down. :)

    I can't remember for certain, but it seems like the other shots didn't have the strong shadows like this one. They really dominate the scene here. And a good sign...must have been quite sunny!

  3. John - thanks for your comment. It was our after breakfast discussion in the parking lot. We managed to get all of the world's problems fixed. :)

    Kari - you might be right on the important deals.

    On this shot I played around with it in curves again and tried to get the pavement blue. I could only manage to get it deep gray then I used gradient mapping to go B&W. I think maybe that recipe made the shadows darker and the pavement with more texture. Or something like that. :)

  4. Some of the most effective meetings I've attended were "outside" the typical meeting boundaries! Fun pic!