Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coastal Flora & Woolly Things

After a little morning sprinkle.  Discovered while on a walk with our granddaughter.

And this little guy was crossing the road. 
It was a challenge to lie down in the road to get a close shot while holding off our 140 lb curious dog, Zoey.


  1. Bravo!! You sure are brave; but the guy is very pretty and matches well with your flower photo!! :)

  2. Thank you Grammie G! He was the brave one to cross the road. :)

  3. you have the best walks with your granddaughter!

  4. I can imagine the challenge, but I think you managed it well.

  5. Quite a feat hanging onto Zoey while getting the shot. My dog would be all over me if I was down on the ground trying to take a pic. Gotta love fuzzy little caterpillars! The flowers are lovely. I wonder what kind they are?

  6. Pretty flowers and very funny! What kind of dog do you have???!!! I've trained Daisy Lu to leave most critters alone....hopefully she will do that when she comes across a Rattler!!

  7. RunE,
    Thank you!

    I was hoping someone would know what kind of flowers those are. They were along the side of the road, so they're wild... like me! :)

    Zoey is a bullmastiff. She's a sweetheart but at times a big goof-ball... like me! You have rattlers!?!

  8. Ha, My mama warned me about wild guys ridin' motorcycles!

    I believe the flower may be a Ranunculus or commonly known as a buttercup. Are you impressed I know the scientific name? :)

    I really don't know what it is. I looked on my cheat-sheet website for flowers and that seemed like a possible fit. Whatever it is, 'tis pretty. Hopefully someone will recognize it.

  9. Very impressive on the flower ID, Kari. Thank you for following through on that! :)