Monday, May 24, 2010

Pine Wood Marvel

Our oldest daughter and our daughter-in-law went on a company paid trip to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. They brought some of these big pine cones home as souvenirs since they're readily available on the ground. We don't know the variety of these heavyweights but they sure are interesting.  And they sure are sticky.


  1. Great macro shots Mike and very interesting shapes.

  2. I always have to drag a few of these home whenever I come across some. They usually end up as part of the Christmas decorations, but one year the kids added peanut butter and bird seeds to them and hung them out as bird feeders. They make an interesting subject don't they?

  3. Roy,
    You're too kind. These shots were kind of a desperate opportunity to have an image today. But they are interesting the way they grow to this shape. Thank you!

    I've heard of the peanut butter recipe but we haven't tried it. It does sound interesting. Thanks Kari!

  4. Hi Mike, You have either a Jefery Pine cone or a Colter Pine cone. I've got a few that I picked up when I was living in California.

  5. Steve,
    Thanks for the info! These must be native to California. Haven't seen any in the Northwest.