Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smith Lake

Early Friday evening I rode my motorcycle to our place at the coast to do some much needed work. There was a steady rain the whole way through the coast range. By the time I got near the house there was only a slight drizzle which gave a nice serene mood to Smith Lake.

The white plant in the foreground is a weed, which explains why they're growing abundantly beside the road. It's one of the better looking weeds I've seen though.


  1. Loved these shots in the mist..I found your blog from patrick's list of awards (I won one too, thanks to him!)...and so I visited everyone on the list and became your newest follower.
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  2. More from the lake, both lovely.
    I've seen this "weed" lately, and have been wondering what it is. I haven't looked it up yet. I agree it's quite pretty.

  3. The Retired One,
    Thank you! I checked out your blog - very nice pictures!

    For some reason I thought that plant was in the dill family. My wife and one of our daughters say it's a weed but I didn't have the urge to pull it. We've been pulling a lot of weeds lately. Thanks Kari! :)