Friday, May 7, 2010

First Date Flashback

I had one of these when my wife and I were dating and first married.  Mine wasn't rusty and it was a convertible.  The first time she got in it on our first date she asked if it was a Karmann Ghia.  That wasn't a cool thing to ask a Porsche owner, but I forgave her. We still laugh about that car mix up.

While riding home on my motorcycle yesterday afternoon I stopped by the road to take some photos of this landmark.  The car marks the entrance to the property of a guy and his son who restore old Porches. There isn't a sign for the business so the car looks out of place near the road. Too bad it has to rust away.


  1. Wow, I've been visiting my kids, and haven't been visiting folks for a while. You've got some fine posts in the last week. I really like the open door and both the deserted streets...and I'm glad you were able to keep Zoey from the caterpillar long enough to get its picture!

  2. I like the way the car blends into the natural landscape that is over-growing it. It gives the car a sense of belonging to the earth! As for me, I know nothing about cars, and couldn't tell you the difference between a VW or a Porsche. Blasphemy, I know, but us women need the men to teach us a thing or two about their manly hobbies and toys!

  3. Dimple,
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. Hope your visit with your kids went well!

    I chuckled when I read your comment about blasphemy. I guess it is a guy thing about cars. I like your observation about the car belonging to the earth. Thank you!

  4. What a fun flashback... my brother might cringe if he saw the Porsche that way... he's always wanted one (if he could fit in one!! He's well over 6 feet tall!)

  5. Great photo and great story!
    Rust is a wonderful thing...

  6. Hi Stacey! I'm over 6 feet tall. Those cars have plenty of room. I use to stretch out just fine. He should sit in one sometime. :)

    Hi Pat! Thank you. Rust is kind of like the weather... we have to live with it!

  7. Hi Mike,
    I saw the other version at your other blog, but I like this one best. Love the story of the first date. :)

  8. Hi Kari,
    You're one of the few who visits both blogs and I really appreciate that Kari! There were some funny things that happened on our first date like discovering we have the same birthday (I'm 3 years older). Thank you!