Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mud Puddle Reflection

I wonder if carrying a camera makes us more aware of our surroundings.  Some would look at this and only see a mud puddle while others would see the reflection. Puddles can evoke various reactions from people. Kids might ride their bike through it while adults would probably avoid it.  To some they're a natural playground and to others they're a nuisance.  One thing I do know, this time of year I get a little tired of their main ingredient... rain.


  1. You do come up with some great shots Mike...I'm glad you got that camera with you all the time!

  2. Mike,

    my six year daughter would gravitate to the puddle with the intention of leaping over it... only to be just short.

    If I was on my 650 I too would gravitate to it with the intention of making a very big splash ;-)

    Great image by the way, I love the "Dead End".

  3. Thanks Eve!

    My four year old granddaughter was on her bike with me and had a gravitational pull towards the puddle. You must still be a kid at heart! Thank you!

  4. I believe you are correct. Knowing that you have a camera with makes you look at things differently.
    I love the "dead end" sign reflection (backwards).