Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Distant Shower

While riding my motorcycle to the jail last evening, I kept an eye on where the scattered showers were developing.  I have a couple of routes I can take in the country that help me avoid getting wet. Sometimes it's a game to try and stay on the outside edge of a passing shower. Looking west to the coastal range I thought this distant shower made a nice backdrop to what I refer to as the Four Trees.


  1. Great composition and study in shading. I really like it and hope you didn't get rained on.

  2. I like the layers of light to dark and the trees that stand there and take it all in!

  3. Its no fun getting rain running down your visor Mike.

  4. Stacey:
    Thank you!

    This is true! Thank you!

  5. You're right - Nice stormy backdrop for the trees. Makes a lovely photo, but a challenge for the ride. I've played cat and mouse with storm clouds...and usually end up wet!

    I love the light hitting the hills in the background. Hope in the midst of the storm.

  6. ya know what i see in this shot

    the "Hill" where He gave all!

  7. Kari,
    After I took the pic's and got back on the road it started to rain. Oh well, it's only water! Thanks for your insight into the image.

    Wow, that's interesting! The sky did get dark then. Thanks for your comment.