Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Walk

Our granddaughter and I went for another walk yesterday afternoon.  Except for a multicolored mailbox we found, it turned out to be a yellow theme for the walk.


  1. Did she get to take any pictures this time?? Cool mailbox and back lit daffodil!

  2. Love that mailbox! Looks like you have a tree-hugger in the making! The world can use more tree huggers :)

  3. Although I am currently engaged in an all-out war with dandelions (including the use of chemical weapons), you've managed to make one look pretty, and almost innocent. Nonetheless, this is no time for sympathy; I'm still going to kill as many of them as I can. ;-)

  4. Stacey:
    She did take one picture but I had my 30D which was kind of big for her to handle. Next time we'll have the G10 too. :) Thank you!

    She likes to try and climb most every tree. I didn't include the shot but we did find one her size. :) Thank you!

    I feel the same way. I also did a back lit shot of hundreds of them on one of our neighbor's lawn. The shot came out fairly good but was too disturbing. ;) Thank you!

  5. Nice back-lighting on the daffodil. I've been trying to get some backlit flowers, but haven't had any turn out.

    Love the mailbox portrait. Kids are such great subjects. Very cute expression.

    The dandelions is a really nice shot too. The dark background makes them pop. Most people hate them, but they are rather cheery.

  6. These are really fun shots Mike...I'm so glad you found the mailbox!