Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is it?

Don't look in the "Labels" box below because the answer is there!  Here's a hint.  While taking pictures of the family on Easter this item was captured in motion.  It created an interesting blur effect.  I tried duplicating that blur and couldn't so I took this photo.  It looks a little bizarre.  Maybe a DNA sequencing chain.

Another hint:  our 7 month old granddaughter was playing with it.

Oooh, you looked didn't you?


  1. No!! I didn't look - at first I thought it was a beaded type necklace and then thought - rattle of some kind - and then when I read about your granddaughter I thought - TEETHING RING!! fun!

  2. Yep I got it Mike! It looks metalic so that is a big setback in the guess! Love the Depth of field! Thanks for the quiz!

  3. Stacey:
    Good job! I thought the background and color might make it harder. Thanks for playing! :)

    It does look metalic. It's true color is more aqua. For some reason the camera kept coming out with this color. I didn't change anything in Photoshop either. Thanks for playing! :)

  4. Sorry...I have to admit I peeked. I do love the close-up of this. Very interesting detail.

  5. I suspected it might be a teething ring. My kids had one, though with bright primary colors as I recall. I agree with Eve, it looks metallic. It reminds me of trim on some old victorian ironworks. It certainly makes an interesting photo!

  6. Sue:
    That's okay! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    I wish I would have kept the original shot with the wild blur. I looked at it in the LCD and decided too quickly that it wasn't a good shot so I deleted it. It was interesting. Babies are always in motion so it's a challenge to get a clear shot in natural lighting. :)