Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Walk

Yesterday afternoon our 4 year old granddaughter and I went for a walk to hang out together and see what we could discover.  I told her we should look for birds and interesting plant life.

She found these and said I should take a picture.  I don't know what they are but we both like them.

At the beginning of our walk we spotted this Flicker on our neighbor's chimney.  We like their sound.  We also saw a Robin take a worm out of the ground.  I got some shots but none of them turn out well.  As I write this I realize I should have let her take some photos.  Next time we'll do that!


  1. How fun for you! Those blue flowers are Grape Hyacinths - and they multiply like rabbits (or weeds) if you ever plant any in your yard. They come from bulbs - and are very pretty! And yes!! Let your grand daughter take pictures - I'm anxious to see what her little eyes would discover!!

  2. Spent as much time as you can with your grandaughter they grow up so fast!! It amazing what you can see through the eyes of a child:) Syacey Dawn is correct the flowers are grape hyacinths and are very pretty in the spring!!

  3. Love the giant evergreen umbrella! Gorgeous shots of nature from all heights, eyes, and perspectives!

  4. Stacey:
    Thank you for the info on the flowers. My wife didn't know what they were but did say they're from a bulb. It'll be interesting to see what our granddaughter takes pictures of. :)

    Garmmie G:
    Yes, they do grow up fast. Her older sister is already 15. I can't imagine her driving a car soon! Thank you!

    Thank you! We had fun. At one point she said, "I like going on a bird hunt." I told her it's hunting with a camera. :)

  5. I love the photos Mike...can't wait to see babies first shots!

  6. Looks like you've found out about the grape hyacinths. They make a lovely photo. I like the tree too, I used to have a big fir out in the pasture that I liked to climb. I think it's a great idea to let your granddaughter take some photos. Kids are so creative, and unencumbered with all the rules and such that we adults get caught up with.

  7. Yeah, I'll show you unencumbered. She found a squirt gun and I made the mistake of filling it up and handing it to her. She got pretty creative alright and I got pretty wet. :)

    The people who have that tree down the street have a beautiful German Shorthair Pointer named Jessie. I call it, "Jessie's Tree".
    Thanks Kari!

  8. LOL - That's too funny! Gotta love all that creativity!