Tuesday, April 6, 2010

McDonald's Sunrise

I left early for work last Thursday morning and stopped at McDonald's for coffee.  After going through the drive-thru I noticed this view of the sunrise.  I did some maneuvering with the car and snapped this shot.  I tried to frame it so it didn't look like it was taken from a grocery store parking lot.

Saturday morning I had breakfast with a couple of friends at a different McDonald's. This is how it looked from the window right next to me.

I really don't hang out at McDonald's but I found last week that sometimes they can offer some interesting photo opportunities.


  1. Gorgeous sunrise with brilliant color! And a still life - from McDonalds? did you get fries with that??? :) Very nice in monochrome!

  2. Beautiful sunrise. You did a good job of setting it up to look like a natural setting. The second image looks more like a sculpture in an art gallery than McDonalds. Very nice black and white composition.

  3. Yolanda - LOL - I like your comment about the fries! Thank you!

    Kari - I helped a little on the second image by cloning out a couple of cars in the background. Because of their size I thought those vases might look unique. :) Thank you!

  4. It's good to "always" carry your camera!!

  5. Stacey - I agree... always be ready!