Thursday, April 29, 2010

Smokin' Special

I just missed catching the chef put the evening special on this sidewalk smoker.  It not only increases productivity of the kitchen, it's also a "smokin'" advertising campaign.


  1. Another nice b/w with nice tonal range! Also love that it's downtown Portland :)

  2. It looks like the city is cars or people, just a little smoke - kind of surreal.

  3. Yolanda,
    Paddy's is only a block away from Waterfront Park. The park has all the tents set up for this weekends Cinco de Mayo celebration. Thanks Yolanda.

    You're right it does. A city with no electricity so cooking on the sidewalk is the norm. Too scary!

  4. At least they are playing it safe with the fire hydrant nearby :-)

    A very nice b&w street scene. The presence of people would have been distracting in this one.